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Multiplex Ligand Assays

Soluble factors, which influence cell differentiation and activity, are important and easily accessible biomarkers that can be used to monitor disease status, the success of therapeutic interventions, as well as for functional characterization of drug candidates. These soluble factors can be assessed in peripheral blood, urine and liquor, cell culture supernatants as well as in tissue extracts during clinical studies. Furthermore, they can support the identification of optimal drug design in preclinical studies.

The available amount of source sample is frequently limited, thus analysis of multiple factors from small sample volumes is highly desirable. Consequently, several multiplex technologies have been developed to simultaneously quantify the concentration of numerous different analytes.

What we can add to your research

We are specialized and experienced in the monitoring of immune mediators beyond routine diagnostics. We offer advice and support to identify appropriate biomarker combinations for different immunological diseases and therapies based on our long-standing experience in immune monitoring during investigator and sponsor driven clinical studies. We perform several multiPlex and singlePlex analyses on different platforms with fully validated assays and analyte combinations. In addition, we offer development and validation of customized analyte combinations and sponsor specific assays. The aim of your analysis determines the most suitable method.

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(QuickPlex SQ120)


(Signature Q100)

(Bio-Plex 200)

(Molecular Devices 340pc)

Key Information

  • Development of new ligand assays
  • Full validation of ligand assays according to EMA/FDA guidelines
  • more than 26 Off-the-shelf validated panels
  • customized panel design
  • high-sensitivity cytokine multiplex assays
  • broad dynamic range
  • adhoc data generation via LIMS in short time